Tutor Perini Building Corp. regards safety as a top priority; there is no management activity considered more important. Therefore, the Tutor Perini Safety Plan is a series of procedures, measurements, and activities that establish a framework for conducting our business activities in a safety-conscious manner.

In order to keep safety in the forefront of all employees' minds, Tutor Perini has an Employee Safety Awareness Program which periodically will remind everyone of their role in safety. Any system of measurement requires an audit procedure to ensure that Tutor Perini's safety reporting reflects what is happening in the field. The Safety Audit Program involves not only the safety professionals in Tutor Perini, but also the Internal Audit Department.

The key to the success of any safety program is in a comprehensive training program. This ensures that new employees know what is expected of them safety-wise and that supervisory personnel make sure the safety program is followed.