Virtual Design & Construction

Tutor Perini Building Corp. utilizes Building Information Modeling (BIM) on all of our projects. Since its inception, we have recognized the value of BIM for the enhanced coordination of all building elements. From generating estimates to clash/collision detection and directly into fabrication drawings, the multi-dimensional models are now mainstream.

The manner in which we implement BIM is to take ownership of the model and to directly manage the process. Tutor Perini manages the model throughout its development, and controls the process from the start of design development all the way through record drawings. We initiate and set protocols as to which subcontractors will participate, when their input is required, and to what extent the model is developed.

Tutor Perini’s Building Information Models have evolved from a simple tool to verify constructability and trade coordination into a natural location for aggregating all information generated to construct the facility. We are capable of streaming data from construction management software to the BIM, collapsing the boundaries between historically-isolated sets of project data and reducing the complexity of information retrieval and use. Inherent in this process, we are also able to capture a robust audit trail of design, construction, and ownership decisions, tying them to relevant geometric three-dimensional objects, and perpetuating this dynamic information linking throughout the project lifecycle. Moreover, the versatility of our input, search, and exporting tools allows project stakeholders to extract high-value information and carry out their jobs with a minimum of wasted effort.